Gypsum Plasterboard Plant

Features of Plasterboard Product;

Cardboard plasterboards are smooth-surfaced plates with a plaster center and a cardboard coating on both sides, produced serially in standard and special sizes and in accordance with certain norms. Cardboard plasterboard is an interior building material. Depending on the intended use, it can be produced in different types thanks to the chemicals added to the plaster mortar. A good building is a place that is earthquake and fire resistant, built in accordance with moisture and heat insulation rules, harmoniously combines functionality and comfort, and is a place where we can live peacefully and safely. When we look at the construction of contemporary houses in developed countries, it is observed that they are being built with light steel and wooden construction.

Gypsum board is the suitable interior covering material for reinforced concrete columns, beams, tunnel formwork, light steel and wood construction building systems. Plasterboard brings flexibility and lightness to buildings with a solid and properly constructed framework.

The most well-known features of plasterboard are as follows;

  • The PH value of drywall is the same as the human body, so it does not produce bacteria.
  • Higher strength and fire resistance with fiber reinforcement,
  • Fast, clean and dry partition wall, suspended ceiling manufacturing and coating opportunity,
  • Ease of mechanical and electrical installation installation,
  • Opportunity to obtain high sound and heat insulation,
  • It provides the opportunity to increase fire resistance in buildings. The 7.5 cm wide plasterboard wall, created by making a single coating, can be exposed to fire for 30 minutes. Provides durability.
  • It is a flexible material. Thanks to this feature, earthquake-resistant partition walls can be obtained.
  • It is lightweight. 1 mm paint ready plasterboard partition wall is 9 times lighter than brick wall. This feature means that it is less affected by earthquakes.
  • It is a breathable product. It returns the water molecules in the plasterboard to the environment when the humidity in the environment decreases. It balances the humidity of the environment by trapping it in its body when the humidity in the environment increases.
  • Plasterboard partition walls do not take up space. A smooth surface is obtained with a minimum wall thickness of 7.5 cm.
  • Walls divided by plasterboard can be dismantled very easily if desired. In this way, the easily available space can be expanded or enlarged.
  • It saves time and labor with its fast and easy application.
    Standard: Plate Thickness: From 9.5 mm to 18 mm
    Plate Width: 970 mm, 1,200 mm, 1,300 mm
    Standard plate length: 2,000mm – 3,000 mm
    maximum storage height: 1,200mm
    maximum storage weight: 4,000 kg
    Types to be produced;
  • Normal Plasterboard,
  • Waterproof Gypsum Plate,
  • Fire Resistant Gypsum Plate

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