Conveyor belt

Conveyor Belts are transport (carrying and shipping)material which is produced from rubber based and similar cord cloths and used for carrying various materials including rubber based belts,polyurethane belts,PVC belts,silicone belts.One of these belt types is selected depending on where they will be used.


It is vertical carrying system. It is used carry material from ground floor to the upper floors at desired level. Elevators are used in different capacities in vertical transport.They are designed and manufactured according to characteristics of the product that will be carried and external body is made of metal. According to the system data,the dimensions of engine revolutions and conveyer belts are determined.The upper cover of elevator is made of two parted and all the connections are bolted for easy dismantling.The upper cover consists of pulley,pulley sha.

Bucket top is made of two parts and all connections are bolted for easy dismounting. Top title; pulley, pulley shaft, bearing and bearings and the engine stand consists of.


Screw conveyors are particulary important for conveying bulk materials..

  • They are compact.

  • They can be manufactured as modular.

  • Easy to assemble.

  • They can transfer materials at high temperatures.

Pneumatic Transport

Pneumatic conveying systems are generally used for transfer the granular / powdery materials from one palce to another by means of flow of air which is moving in a transmission line. The common working principle of pneumatic conveying systems is the transmission of the kinetic energy of air flow to the load. Due to the fact that the air is a clean source of energy and the system operates completely closed, material losses and environmental pollution are reduced to minimum levels and even in most cases zero loss is achieved.

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