Circular Screen

2,3 or 4 times. Ideal for picking up granules. Calcite quartz, limestone, dolomite and gypsum are used in the mining sector. Used in various sectors. The ideal sieving size is between 200 microns and 8 mm.

Micronized Screen

Vibro motors give the first vibration to the sieve machine body, the adapters in the sieve machine transmit the vibrations in the machine body to the sieve surface. The resulting chaotic frequency movement facilitates the sieving / fluctuation movement of the sieved material on the sieve. Sieving from 50 microns to 2 mm.


Energy consumption is low and speed control can be done automatically. Efficient product capacity, easy maintenance. In addition to being used in various mines, the ideal classification size is 5 microns and above.

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