Radial Ventilator

Radial ventilators are fan types in which the fluid enters axially and leaves radially. It is used in all industrial areas where vacuum is needed and it is mainly used for industrial suction systems in addition to fields such as dust collection systems, primary and secondary burning air supply systems, drying systems etc.

They provide higher values in terms of pressure compared to the axial fan types. There are production options with direct coupling, belt pulley or coupling driven. They can also be manufactured based on wear and high temperature operating conditions according to the working process. Depending on flow rate and pressure capacity, they can also be produced with cross bearing, double suction or two-stage. Our production capacity in radial ventilators is 1000-1.000.000 m³ / h, 150-2500 mmSS.

  • High Flow Radial Ventilators

  • High Pressure Radial Ventilators

  • Flat Blade Radial Ventilators

  • Back Curved Blade Radial Ventilators

  • Forward Curved Blade Radial Ventilators

Axial Ventilator

Axial ventilators move the air in the axial direction parallel to the rotating engine sha. The most important features of axial fans are low installation depth, low noise levels and high productivity. Axial fans have a wide range of application areas and they are especially used for providing airflow in ventilation and heat exchangers.

Design capacities are between the range of 20-200 mmSS pressure and 1000-100.000 m³ / h. They can be manufactured as direct coupling, vee belt driven or coupling driven. Depending on the purpose of use, it can be manufactured from aluminium, ST quality material or stainless material.

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