Jaw Crusher

They are primary and secondary crushers which are designed for crushing all kinds ofstones and mines regardless of the hardness and abrasiveness of the stones and mines.Jaw crushers are an indispensable crusher in stone and mine quarries due to its lowoperating cost and excellent design. The jaw crushers which are manufactured by ourcompany provide high efficiency and capacity with hydraulic jaw adjustment, centralizedlubrication system, first class quality materials.


The ST - PST series crushers which are jaw-adjusted impact crushers are crushers that break down materials that have middle and high hardness (such as boulder, limestone, granite and basalt) into dimensions of asphalt and concrete aggregations. This type of crusher is the ideal secondary crusher in crushing and screening plants with its low investment and operating costs, reduction rate, high capacity, low investment and operating costs.

Tertiary Crusher

It is used as a secondary and tertiary crusher in medium hard materials to obtain 0 - 5 mm sand in high capacity. The crushing process is carried out when the rotor which rotating at high speed crushes the material to the pendulums. Product can obtained at the desired rates thanks to the adjustable outlet. Tertiary crushers which are manufactured by our firm provide high-yield capacity with their hydraulically controlled body, pallet which is appropriate to double-directional using and sliding type crushing blocks.

Vertical Shaft Crushers

They are crushers which are used to obtain sand and gravel by crushing small size hard -abrasive quarry and stream materials cubicize and improve the flat material coming fromthe conical crusher. The material that is fed is crushed by hitting the walls which areformed by stones within the circle of the stator or anvils in the surrounding area. Verticalsha crushers which are manufactured by our firm provide high efficiency and capacity with their hydraulically controlled body cap, crane upon the body, hydraulic motoradjustment and high-strength castings and diamonds.

Hammer Crusher

Capacity data varies according to the grid interval. It breaks the material with the impact of crushing. The rotating hammers take the material and hit the lining and the grids at high speed. Moment of high inertia created in this way allows the material to be broken at high speed. Changeable rotor speed and grid opening allow the size of the material to be adjusted.

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